Still life with cherries and tankard, 54x40cm, 2014.


Welcome to dutch contemporary still life artist Jos van Riswick's still life painting page. On this page you can find my still life paintings: modern classical STILL LIFE paintings in oil paint. The body of works shown contain still life with fruit, still life with flowers, vanitas still life, kitchen still life, floral still life and others. In all paintings the process of decay is an important element. Some still life paintings are for for sale . Please contact me for more information.


On December 6 and 7 2014 I have my big annual solo exhibition with new works from 2014 ! Location: Church of Persingen (near Nijmegen, Holland.) More info on this page:

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Open Exhibition 2014 This portrait has been accepted to this prestigious exhibition in London, Engeland. 8 t/m 23 May 2014, The Mall Galleries, The Mall, by Trafalgar Square, London. Meer informatie:


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I recorded a 12 hour portrait-tutorial. See the entire process with technical comments. Available for download here:

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Still life with blue book and red ribbon, 35x23cm, 2014.

Still life with minneola, 50x38cm, 2014.

Still life with cherries in chinese bowl, 36x33cm, 2014.

Still life with Apricot Jam, 58x35cm, 2014.

Still life with cherries and tankard, 54x40cm, 2014.

Still life with Yellow Cherries, 51x35cm, 2014.

Portrait of Susan, 40x40cm, 2014.

Tangerine, 14x18cm, 2014.

Cherry, 13.5x10.5cm, 2014.

Portrait, 29x40cm, 2014.

Still life with Lemons and Black Bowl, 55x52cm, 2013.

Still life with purple napkin and wine glass, 40x57cm, 2013.

Still life with Pears and Green Bottle, 65x55cm, 2013.

Portrait of Irene, 80x51, 2013.

Still life with Pommegranates, 40x46cm, 2013.

Portrait of T.H., 23x28cm, 2012.

Still life with Clementines and Vase, 46x37cm, 2013.

Still life with apples, 34x44cm, 2012.

Still life with Clementines, 35x32cm, 2012.

Still life with Black Jug, 52x30cm, 2012.

Still life with clementines, 33x34cm, 2011.

Still life with Apricots, 50x32cm, 2012.SOLD

Still life with peaches and bottle, 44x33cm, 2011.SOLD

Still life with pomegranate, 35x22cm, 2012.

Still life with quinces, 50x32cm, 2011.SOLD

Still life with cherries and vase, 24x28cm, 2011. SOLD

Still life with small teapot, 13x13cm, 2011.

Still life with sun light, 60x40cm, 2011.

Figure Study en Plein-Air, 34x24cm, 2011.

Stilleven met koffiemolen, 35x37cm, 2010.

Still life with plums, 45x48, 2010.

Still life with kiwi, 12x14cm, 2009.

Still life with chives, 40x40cm, 2008.

Still life with candy, 10x14, 2007.

Still life with Reine Claudes, 17x42cm, 2006. SOLD

Still life with apples, 60x60cm, 2006. SOLD

Still life with pomegrenate, 60x60cm, 2006.

Still life with pumpkin, 60x60cm, 2006.

Still life with coffee A, 60x60cm, 2006.

Still life with Chisel, 42x22cm, 2005.

Kitchen still life with bread, 61x43cm, 2005.

Still life with Open Book, 87x56cm, 2005

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